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01 Anti-Bacterials
02 Antioxidants
03 Optical brightener
04 UV stabilizer
05 Flame Retardant
06 Benodioxle seriers
07 Key intermediates
08 Herbicide
09 Antistatic Agent
10 Hardening agent
11 Esterification products
8-Bromocaprylic acid





  CSFC TAIWAN ENTERPRISE CORPORATION was reorganized from the former China Scientific Fine Chemicals Co., LTD. (established in Taiwan in 1993) after her investment into China in 2002. The objective of the company is the production and sales of high quality fine chemicals. We have modern production facilities and enthusiastic personnel with the latest scientific knowledge to develop high quality products. We also perform custom syntheses under the agreements with the customers requirements.
  The commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction is the first priority. The latest instrumentation. including UV, IR, GLC, HPLC, and traditional methods for the careful analyses of raw materials, reaction intermediates and final products are handled by experienced staff.

  The investment on R&D for each year is around 8-10%. We take contract projects with the highest standard and confidentiality for each product development.
  The processes experienced are: cyclization, N-alkylation, esterification, hydrogenation, reductive alkylation, sulfonation, hydrolysis, Friedel-Crafts, etc.

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